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Summary. As a leading provider of automotive and anti-rattle foam, Rocon Foam specialises in high-quality materials for noise reduction and friction prevention in vehicles. Our ISO9001-certified products, tailored to various applications, come with a commitment to exceptional service and competitive prices.


Rocon Foam is one of the country’s leading automotive foam suppliers, manufacturing anti-rattle foams using high quality raw materials. Since 1986, Rocon Foam has been supplying a wide range of foam products to discerning customers. We guarantee excellent customer service and fast turnaround times every time. As an ISO9001 accredited firm, our customers can be assured of quality foam products. Together with our price match guarantee, and free foam fitting advice, we can confidently expect to deliver an excellent and competitive service at all times.

Automotive Foam Suppliers 

Automotive foams need to provide plenty of support in order to prevent friction between components. With the right foam, you can prevent rattles and squeaks. Therefore, to the automotive industry, our flame retardant anti rattle foams are invaluable. They are designed to cushion and stop the friction between the different parts. Alongside this, preventing subsequent wear and tear.  

We produce our foams in various shapes and sizes so that you can use them within sliding surfaces and for damping vibrations in dashboards. Other applications include roof linings, engine space, and boot and door mouldings. The sound damping qualities of anti rattle foam rectify noise issues efficiently and effectively. As a result, ensuring cabin comfort and noise free journeys. As foam manufacturers, our products form an integral part of motor vehicle design. Therefore, we pride ourselves on our quality of product and service. Our returning customers are assured of our attention to detail at all times.

Family Run Business

In the heart of the UK, our Worcestershire based family run business is perfectly placed to meet the needs of our clients throughout the UK. As leading anti rattle foam and anti rattle tape suppliers, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our products and services with you. If you would like to find out more about our foam products, head to our website today. Or, call on 01905 26616 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

Alternatively, you can email us at or visit us on our website. On our website you can send us your enquiry or submit your specific questions with regards to any of our foam products and services. We look forward to discussing your requirements. We are also confident that you will find our quality of product, customer service and attention to detail second to none. For more information on products Rocon Foam can provide, visit our last blog update on class 0 Foam Manufacturers.