Chipfoam, Also Known as Reconstituted foam

Rocon Foam are a leading chipfoam suppliers. We have decades of experience under our belts and pride oursevles on the first class service we deliver. Chipfoam is also known as reconstituted foam. It is formed from pieces of scrap PU, which is bonded together.

It is available in a range of densities, and is an effective and extremely economical solution for a wide range of packaging requirements.

Our reconstituted foam is made from foam off-cuts. They are reconstituted under high-pressure machinery to produce high quality and durable foam chips. Here at Rocon Foam Ltd, we source all of our materials from only the most trusted suppliers. As a result, we can guarantee high quality foam products every time – including our chipfoam.


Using it

Reconstituted foam has a high density, and is incredibly tough and durable. As a result, it makes an ideal packaging solution. It is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including blocks and sheets. Our foam is cut to size too, to ensure that as your chosen chipfoam suppliers we provide you with the perfect solution to your requirements.