PVC Nitrile class 0

Here at Rocon Foam, as leading foam manufacturers we can supply a wide range of foams – including PVC Nitrile Foam. As a result of our experience and knowledge, our foam products combine strength, resistance, and durability to create a long-lasting foam solution that won’t let you down. Of course, our class 0 PVC Nitrile Foam is no exception to this. Often called vinyl nitrile foam, this type of foam is durable, flexible and lighting. At the same time, maintaining robust properties that make it suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

A type of closed cell foam rubber, it is made from a blend of PVC and nitrile rubber material. Therefore, the flame retardant foam is extremely durable and a comparably cost-effective option. We use PVC Nitrile for manufacturing air tight and water tight components for the construction, automotive and engineering industries.

PVC and Vinyl sponge rubber materials are brilliant for appliance seals, insulators, gaskets, body protection and more.

Withstands Immense Variations in Temperature

It is capable of withstanding immense variations in temperature while remaining flexible. Additionally, the foam is also highly acid and oil resistant as well as flame retardant. As a result, providing an effective and resilient solution for harsher industrial environments. Due to its high shock absorption capacity, it is also often used in “impact” products such as footwear and sports mats. PVC and vinyl sponge rubber are also commonly used for appliance seals and insulators.


Other PVC Nitrile Foam applications include:

  • Body armour and protective sports equipment
  • Footwear products
  • Weather seals
  • Floor mats