Packaging and Casing

As a lightweight, yet robust material, PE foams offer a high degree of protection for packaging. Especially packaging designed for fragile or easily damaged goods. If you are looking to develop a product with closed cell polyethylene foam, please contact us to discuss your needs. With your ideas and our expertise, virtually anything is possible. If a product isn’t protected when shipping, then there is a high possibility that the product will not be delivered in one piece. As a result, the product will never fulfil its potential.

We produce custom packaging foams in a variety of densities, hardness and materials. These include open cell polyurethane foams, such as chipfoam and egg-crate foam, and closed cell polyethylene foams. This provides the most suitable solution for each customer’s individual needs.


PU foams have been widely adopted for transportation applications as a result of their shock absorbing, dampening, and insulation properties. Particularly they’re used in the marine industry, as a result of their inherent buoyancy properties. Polyurethane foams are now also widely used in life vests and other buoyancy products.

Foam Inserts/Case Foam

As one of the leading UK-based manufacturer of packaging foam products, and custom-designed case inserts, we supply an extensive range of both polyurethane (PU) and polyethylene (PE) case insert foams. This includes black foams and fabric faced foams. As a result, ensuring that delicate and valuable belongings remain protected, even in the toughest conditions.


Inserts for Product Protection

Custom foam inserts and trays are given excellent protection when you really need delicate and fragile items to reach their destination undamaged. They can be cut or machined to the exact shape and size of the item to be protected and keep them in place. Form foam and soft foam can be combined to achieve the necessary protection during transport. These are all bespoke and can have a personalised design.

Black Foam Inserts

Many foam manufacturers are only able to offer the more readily available dark grey foam inserts. However, at Rocon foam, we can supply grey and black foam inserts, in both polyurethane and polyethylene varieties.


Specialist Case Insert Foams for Presentation

Of course, foam doesn’t just have to be used for protection purposes. It can be the perfect presentation background as well. Case insert foam is used in a whole range of industries to protect the contents of the case. All whilst offering an appealing way to present the products to consumers. It can also be used in anything from jewellery cases to briefcase inserts. Opting for case insert foam ensures you get the best of both worlds – protection and presentation. Therefore, you can display your products in the best possible light.