The Benefits of Polyethylene Foam

PE Foam is a closed cell foam. Here at Rocon Foam, we make the foam available in a wide range of densities. In fact, generally speaking, it is very lightweight compared to other closed cell foams. However, it is also very strong. The packaging foam has very good chemical resistance and excellent ageing properties. As a result of this, the foam does not deteriorate and go brittle, therefore standing the test of time. As well as this, polyethylene boasts a great water resistance too. Additionally, with its closed cell nature it also has fantastic sealing properties. With this in mind, PE foam material is commonly used for buoyancy aids.

We are one of the leading closed cell foam manufacturers in the UK, and therefore we supply foam in many different forms. It is cost-effective, and can easily be routed, shaped and cut. As a result, it is ideal for many different packaging applications – including case inserts.

PE Foam – Durable and Strong

Rocon Foam are one of the country’s leading suppliers of foam products – including acoustic foams and PE foam. Additionally, we also have have other industrial foam products too, including polyethylene foam. Often known as PE foam, this foam is made from high-density polyethylene foams, such as Plastazote, Jiffycell and Stratocell. Our PE packaging foam products are an ideal material of choice, particularly when a high level of protection is required.

Easy to Cut to Any Shape or Size

So with a range of densities and colours, including black conductive and pink anti-static foams, this foam is easy to cut to any shape. In fact, it’s durable, hydrophobic and re-usable, making them ideal for fragile goods, such as electronic equipment and components. If you are looking for a PE foam manufacturer or any other foam products, then get in touch with our team today.