Combining flexibility and impressive temperature tolerance with flame retardancy, and UV, ageing, oil and chemical resistance. Additionally, Neoprene foam rubbers offer effective solutions for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications.

In fact, these include:

  • Ducts for HVAC systems
  • Insulation for plumbing and heating systems
  • Weather proofing seals
  • Shock absorbing packaging for laptops and electronic equipment
  • Sports equipment such as gloves, footwear and protective apparel
  • Finally, medical supports and braces
  • Gaskets and seals for the automotive, construction, aerospace and marine sectors


EPDM provides excellent air tight and waterproof properties. In addition, as well as good UV and ageing resistance and a high level of flexibility across a wide temperature spectrum. In fact, we use EPDM foam rubbers to manufacture a numerous engineering, construction and industrial components such as:

– Firstly, Seals, gaskets, washers and belts for machinery
– Secondly, Weather proofing seals
– Thirdly, Cable insulation
– Finally, Hoses and tubing