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foam sponge rubber

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Foam Sponge Rubber

Foam sponge rubber is a versatile and flexible material with a diverse range of uses and characteristics.  Dedicated to quality and supreme performance, we work predominantly with high grade Neoprene, EPDM, PVC Nitrile and silicone foam rubbers, each of which has unique properties suited to specific environments and functions.  Used in a variety of industries and as an alternative to solid rubbers, sponge rubber, also known as cellular rubber, is far more versatile and is often used when greater flexibility is required.  Given that sponge rubber has more air pockets, it is generally a softer product than the closed cell solid rubber, enabling it to revert back to its original shape after compression.

A wide range on offer

Offering a wide range of closed and open cell foam sponge rubber materials in densities spanning 60kg/m3 to 300kg/m3 and in thicknesses of 0.5mm right up to 75mm, we supply flexible foam rubber products suited to both domestic and industrial sectors.

A range of uses

With highly effective sealing properties and in a range of low to high densities and firmness, sponge rubber offers excellent compression and recovery characteristics, together with shock absorption qualities.  Sponge rubber has a range of uses; for instance, when used in packaging, it helps to protect products from damage in transit; it is popular for the manufacture of soft toys, given that the product returns to its original shape after squeezing and manipulation; often used in door and lighting seals, preventing the ingress of water and dust.

Rubber Tapes

Our rubber tape provides a fast and efficient bonding solution for vibration dampening, thermal insulation and gasketing.  With high or low temperature resistance, it is the ideal product for sealing joints and for insulating cable applications.

Foam Tape

Our foam tape is more commonly used for gasketing, sealing to prevent the ingress of liquids, the escape of gases or sealing doors and windows, thus preventing drafts.  Foam tape is designed to bond to irregular surfaces and different textures, distributing stress and offering a durable bond, with vibration dampening and acoustic qualities.

Silicon Sponge

With a range of uses, our high performance silicon sponge products offer solutions where components require fluid and fuel resistance, are exposed to extreme temperatures, or shock protection and thermal conductivity is required.

High quality products and excellent customer service

Offering bespoke, high quality products and excellent customer service, the team at Rocon Foam are happy to provide advice on the best foam sponge rubber for your specific needs, or indeed any other products within our range.