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Summary. Rocon Foam, a leading reconstituted chip foam supplier, specialises in high-impact materials ideal for various applications like crash mats, seating, and sound insulation. We offer expertise in diverse foam solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction with quality, affordability, and tailored services. Their products cater to multiple industries, providing flexible, reliable delivery and maintaining high standards with ISO9001 accreditation.


Here at Rocon Foam we are proud to be a leading reconstituted chip foam supplier. Our team manufacture specialist high impact material. This foam is ideal for crash mats, sound insulation, heavy-duty seating, bar and dining seating or gym mats.

Furthermore, we have plenty of experience with foams. We can offer you high-quality solutions that are guaranteed not to let you down. Additionally, our team takes pride in making sure our customers know exactly what they are investing in. Therefore, you can take advantage of our expertise and ask as many questions as you like about our foam solutions. Using your knowledge combined with our experience, we can determine the best foam product to invest in.

What Is Chip Foam?

Chip foam is also known as reconstituted foam. It is made up of a variety of waste PU foams which when highly compacted, produce highly resistant foam. Chip foam is ideal for use in a spectrum of foam goods and products from electronics to plant machinery. Here at Rocon Foam, we manufacture a vast selection of chip foam packing solutions, in a variety of densities and colours. We provide such materials for all sorts of industries. These include the automotive, audio, sports and leisure, aerospace, marine, rail, and domestic goods sectors.

Why Choose Rocon Foam

Excellence In Client Service

Over the years we have built ourselves a reputation of excellence in client service. This is not only because we possess our own flexible UK delivery service. Additionally, we tailor our services to meet the requirements and budget of each of our clients. Our exclusive fleet of delivery vehicles provides flexible delivery, at a time that suits you. As a result, we can prevent delays that can arise when waiting for external transport and delivery services. It also allows us to work around your business’s busy schedule.

Highly Competitive Rates

Rest assured that at Rocon Foam, we will have the perfect products for you and will ensure that you are receiving them at highly competitive rates. In fact, we operate a price match guarantee. We guarantee you quality goods that are reliable, affordable, and built to last.

Leading Reconstituted Chip Foam Suppliers

As one of the leading reconstituted chip foam suppliers in the West Midlands, we are able to manufacture a wide range of foam products using our state-of-the-art equipment. Our equipment trims and refines all foam types to a variety of densities. We can provide foams that are:

  • Flame retardent
  • Suitable for medical purposes
  • Ideal for packaging
  • class 0
  • Acoustic
  • Memory

Highest Standards

We are fully ISO9001 accredited. In addition, we source all of our materials from trusted suppliers. This ensures that all flame retardant and acoustic insulator foams, perform reliably to the highest standards of durability.

Choose Rocon Foam for Your Reconstituted Chip Foam Supplier

For chip foam suppliers with products you can rely on, call us Rocon Foam on 01905 26616 for a quote. We look forward to seeing how we can help!

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