class 0 foam - fire retardant foam for upholstery

Summary. Looking for fire retardant foams for upholstery? Rocon Foam offers class 0 Foam, the industry’s leading fire-retardant foam. It provides safety, comfort, and versatility for various upholstery applications. Cut to size and adhered with self-adhesive backing for easy installation.


The properties of class 0 Foam make for ingenious noise cancellation. However, it is also the industry’s leading fire-retardant foam that exists. Although it can be in use in the same way as our standard acoustic foam, its patented heat resistance allows for extreme versatility. The fire retardant foam is most often used in buildings, ventilation systems and heating, both at home, in upholstery and in the housing industry.

It’s able to avert flames through a remarkable cellular construction. The bi-elastomer is incapable of burning. Therefore, ensuring that all fire hazards are avoided when using class 0 Foam. Using a range of densities and through a soft exterior, class 0 Foam is your answer to fire retardant foam.

Continue reading to find out more about the advantages of using fire retardant foam for your home’s upholstery.

Safety First

Our upholstery foam sheets guarantee safety in all types of situations. In addition, upholstery requires extra padding and comfort. Subsequently, the class 0 Foam accommodates this and bares resistance to flammable risks. Whether your business requires fire retardant foam due to potential hazards or you’d like the peace of mind at home, class 0 Foam can be used for all settings.

Our comprehensive range of Fireseal fire-retardant foams for upholstery use anti-flammable polyurethane and melamine components to accomplish this maximum resistance. These properties meet FMVSS302, UL94 HF1, class 0 and FO 36 standards.


Our cushion foam is cut to size to suit several upholstery structures, using a range of foam densities. This way, it can be in use for any type of seating and to drastically improve bedding. In no time at all, you will enhance your quality of sleep, relaxation and posture. Therefore, leaving you feeling revitalised from your usual resting periods.

Additionally, our fire retardant foam for upholstery is easy to apply. The dense material is adhered to the background surface through self-adhesive backing. Subsequently, offering a rapid and straightforward application. Get in touch with our helpful team today for all specifications on our self-adhesive films.

Cut To Size

class 0 Foam can be easily cut to size due to its soft and pliant nature. It allows for ease when forming around chairs and other upholstery applications. Cut to size foams ensures that the dimensions will always suit your structure. Whether it’s your bedding or your sofas. Furthermore, we understand the intricacy of modern furniture. So, we are proud to offer the advanced technology of class 0 Foam, due to its suitability to all applications. There is the execution of maximum comfort as well as keeping your goods aesthetically pleasing.

Fire Retardant Foam for Upholstery at Rocon Foam Products Ltd

Looking for foam cut to size near me? Here at Rocon, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the foam product industry. We are leading fire retardant foam manufacturers for upholstery applications. We achieve matchless performance in fire resistance and comfort. If you’d like further information on our foam products for your home or business, get in touch with us today. Call us on 01905 26616, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.