PVC Foams

PVC Foams

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pvc foams

Created by combining different polymers to produce materials with unique properties, polyvinyl (PVC) foams are widely used in applications where closed cell foam solutions that are moisture, temperature and solvent resistant are required.

These predominantly cover industrial applications such as weather, dust and moisture seals, and insulation and filtration systems, as well as a wide range of stationery products such as ring binders and mouse pads.

We manufacture finished goods in three main types of PVC, which are:

  • Quick recovery foams – where the material immediately recovers after compression
  • Slow recovery foams – ideal for filling irregular surfaces
  • Extra Sticking grades – often used between sheets of glass to prevent breakage during transportation

Many companies only offer PVC foams in the most common colour, black, but we also do blue and red colours so that we can satisfy every customer.