silicone foam

If you’re looking to buy silicone foam then look no further than Rocon Foam. As a silicone foam manufacturer, based in the West Midlands, we can provide sponge foam sheets to customers all over the country. We have decades of experience under our belts serving customers all over the UK. With so many different foam varieties on offer, you can be sure to find what you need with us.

What is silicone foam used for?

You can use silicone foam to make all sorts of foam products. High in both quality and durability, this fire retardant foam is suitable for a wide range of purposes. Manufacturers will often use silicone sponge sheeting to make foam gaskets and seals, thermal insulators, HVAC applications and mouldings and extrusions for cords and tubing. 

The properties of silicone foam

Mixing silicone foam creates hydrogen gas. This causes bubbles to form within the rubber material itself as it becomes a solid. The temperature or humidity manipulates the outward pressure, giving the foam the required properties for that specific purpose. The quality of our industrial foam is also something that impresses our customers. Our silicone foam provides superior resistance and thermal stability, making it ideal in a number of applications. Alongside being a flame retardant foam, it is UV resistant too. Therefore, it is commonly used in situations where the foam parts will be exposed to high temperature variations. Silicone is a very versatile material as it can withstand very high temperatures without melting, changing shape or warping. Generally speaking, silicone foam is best used as an insulating foam or where protection against heat is required. 

High quality industrial foam

With Rocon Foam, you can be sure that when you buy industrial foam from us, you’ll be getting high quality foam at extremely competitive prices. Standards of quality and excellence in silicone engineering are so high that we’ve been ISO9001:2008 accredited, highlighting our dedication to quality. By focusing on the quality of our silicone products and service, our customers keep returning to us time and time again knowing they can trust us to help their project move ahead much more smoothly than it otherwise might have done.

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