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Summary. Improve sound quality with sound-absorbing materials like acoustic foam. Discover why melamine foam is the best choice, offering fire-retardant properties, superior sound absorption, and resistance to bacteria and mold. With applications in various industries, melamine foam is the ideal solution for both aesthetics and functionality. Contact Rocon Foam, leading suppliers of acoustic foam in the UK, for more information.


If you’re looking to improve the sound quality in a room, it’s likely that you are being presented with a wide range of options. Sound absorbing foams (such as Melamine acoustic foam) and other materials can all have their benefits. Therefore, it can be hard to determine which material is the best choice. In addition, once your narrow it down, you also have to decide which company to go for. Here at Rocon Foam, we are leading suppliers of acoustic foam in the UK. To make it easier for you we’ve shared a brief overview on why Melamine is one of the best sound absorbing materials. 

To begin with, you should always look at the foam specifications to establish whether the foam product is sound-proofing or sound-absorbing. Sound-absorbing foams absorb the sound in a room. Therefore, preventing it from bouncing around and echoing, whereas sound-proofing foam blocks the noise. Some of the most common sound-absorbing materials include: 

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Acoustic fiberglass
  • PVC foam
  • Melamine acoustic foam

All of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. But, melamine acoustic foam offers some significant advantages that make it perfect for both domestic and commercial applications. 

Fire-Retardant Foam

One of the most appealing factors of melamine acoustic foam is the fact that it is not flammable. Therefore, it simply does not burn. If it reaches 240°C or above, the foam will shrink and collapse. Melamine foam has the advantage over many other sound-absorbing products with this property as materials such as polyurethane foam and felt are all highly flammable. For these materials to pass fire tests, the manufacturer needs to add fire retardants to the material but there are arguments that these chemicals can impact the health of both humans and pets. 

Comparing The Alternatives

Whilst polyurethane foam has some great sound-absorbing properties, it performs at its best against high frequency attenuating sound waves. In order to offer the same levels of sound-absorption to low-frequency sound waves, plenty of thick layers of polyurethane foam must be in use.

Felt is another common material people use for sound-absorbing. In addition, its density is relied on to absorb the sound through the vibration of the material’s fibres. However, if the felt is too thick, the material will not perform as well. In fact, felt is better suited for sound dampening as opposed to sound-absorption. A disadvantage of felt is the fact that it can hold moisture which can then lead to the growth of bacteria and mould.

Melamine Acoustic Foam Benefits

Melamine foam is made using a cellular structure and surface pattern that has been expertly designed to offer superior sound absorption. As a result, melamine foam is perfect for reducing noise and absorbing echoes. It is also a very affordable solution for sound-absorption applications and is ideal for both commercial and domestic applications. This further supports the fact that its structure ensures that bacteria and mould will not be able to grow. Additionally, making it a hygienic foam to use too. 

Alongside its advantageous internal properties, melamine is also one of the only acoustic foams that can be painted making it perfect for those looking to enhance the aesthetics of the room at the same time. 


With many great properties, it is clear to see why melamine acoustic foam is used across a wide range of industries and sectors. From office environments and educational facilities, through to recording studios and restaurants, the possibilities for melamine foam are endless. 

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