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Soundproofing foam – for walls, ceilings ect – is a common requirement for most industrial and domestic buildings. From eateries and schools to open-plan offices, most modern buildings have been designed to control acoustics either architecturally or through soundproofing panels – made from acoustic foam. Foam sound insulation is one of the most effective ways to dampen sound, here at Rocon Foam we are proud to be one of the UK leading suppliers of acoustic foam.

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Absorbing Sound

Sound absorbing foams (often referred to as acoustic foam) is relatively soft and lightweight. The foam has an open and flexible cell structure which acts as a natural absorber to sound waves. It converts existing sound energy to heat and therefore reduces the ability of the sound waves to bounce back into the room. By doing so, it prevents noises from reverberating off solid surfaces such as a wall or a ceiling and therefore prevents the sound from moving.

Enhancing The Acoustics

Alongside reducing the sound bounces, acoustic foam (soundproofing foam) can also be used to manipulate the acoustics within a room. Sound absorbing foam can be cut into certain shapes such as a pyramid or a wedge in order to manipulate the vibrations and improve the sound quality. This method often takes place in recording studios. This is where the echo is reduced through the installation of soundproofing foam panels on the walls.

Blocking Sound

If you are looking to block the sound from travelling through the walls, you will need a material that has a closed-cell structure. A thicker and denser foam will provide fewer chances of sound waves penetrating through to the other side. class 0 foams are designed specifically for these types of purposes and comply with existing industry regulations too. Their closed-cell structures will ensure that sound is unable to travel through materials.

Will Acoustic Foam Completely Soundproof A Room?

For a room to be completely soundproof, the room needs to be able to absorb the sound inside. It will also need to be able to block the sound coming in from the outside too. This is often required for businesses and premises that need highly controlled environments. Achieving a completely soundproof room can often be time-consuming, however, here at Rocon Foam, we are here to help. Our team are always on hand to offer expert advice when it comes to choosing the right foam. With plenty of foams to choose from, you will be sure to find what you need with us.

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