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Summary. Looking for an acoustic foam manufacturer? Look no further. At Rocon Foam, we offer high-quality sound insulation foam to meet your needs. Our acoustic foam absorbs sound waves, preventing them from bouncing back into the room. Perfect for industrial and domestic applications. Contact us today for more information.


For industrial and domestic buildings, soundproofing is one of the key things to consider and find a solution for. Many modern buildings have been designed to control acoustics through their architecture. Or they’ll have soundproofing panels installed in order to reduce background noise. Here at Rocon Foam, we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of acoustic foam. Our industrial foam solutions can accommodate a wide range of applications and requirements, including sound insulation. With plenty of experience and expertise under our belts, we can help you choose the right foam for what you need.

Understanding Sound

When you’re looking for ways to reduce sound, it’s worth learning about the core characteristics of sound. Put simply, sound is the vibration of energy. When an object vibrates, so does the air around it. These vibrations are called sound waves which cause the air inside your ears to vibrate. The vibrations cause a sensation inside your ear which is interpreted by your brain as noise, speech, and music. Certain materials can be used to manipulate the way that sound waves behave in the air. For example, sound energy will bounce off of hard surfaces (for example walls), but will actually become muffled if these hard surfaces are replaced with soft ones.

Absorbing Vs Blocking

Absorbing sound and blocking sound are two different things. Although they may be used interchangeably, there are actually clear differences between them. Just as light objects reflect light, and dark objects absorb it, different foams can be used to either block out sounds or absorb them. Blocking it is required when the sound is coming from outside of the room. Whereas absorbing, it is required to reduce reverberations when the sound is coming from a source inside the room. Therefore, with this in mind, it’s important you know exactly what you are trying to achieve before you look at soundproofing foams.

Acoustic Foams 

Our class 0 Foams are perfect for applications that require sound absorption. Often referred to as soundproofing foam or noise reduction foam, our acoustic foam has an open celled structure that acts as a natural absorber for sound waves. The foam prevents noises from bouncing off of hard surfaces by converting the sound energy into heat. For instance, walls, floors, and ceilings. As a result, it stops sound waves from bouncing back into the room. Our class 0 acoustic foam is ideal for soundproofing applications in many different industries such as the automotive, agricultural, rail, and marine sectors. It can also be used for domestic purposes too, such as in recording studios as a preventative for echoes.

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