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When it comes to extreme volumes, this can become very problematic for businesses found in the audio industry. Without quality soundproofing from acoustic foam panels, you could affect all neighbouring buildings and residential areas, causing unnecessary complaints and uneasiness. Rocon Foam is here today to share their recommendations for acoustic soundproofing foam sheets, allowing you to avoid such matters.

Since 1986, the Rocon team have provided businesses within Worcestershire and afar with A-Grade acoustic foam. Using the most effective materials available, we have the skills and expertise to protect your business. In addition, ensuring optimum performance and avoidance of disturbance.

The Different Types of Acoustic Foams

Whether you operate a recording studio or specialise in sound mixing, several types of acoustic foam panels are available to suit your needs and budget. We have outlined the main four below with further detail on each.

Fireseal™ class 0 Foam

Our class 0 Foam is our most reputable acoustic foam types on the market today. While it may not be as affordable as other class 0 foams, we are confident that its quality surpasses all others and is, therefore, worth the investment. We manufacture a wide selection of Fireseal™ fire retardant foams, which all abide by FMVSS302, class 0, FO 36 and UL94 HF1 standards.

Available in a range of sizes and densities, as well as self-adhesive backings, our class 0 acoustic foam manufacturers produce this high-quality acoustic foam to meet the specific needs of our clients. No matter the shape required, we have the resources to accomplish all dimensions. Why choose class 0 foam? Its superior sound absorption and anti-flammable properties are what make this type matchless.

Melamine Foam

As another class 0-rated foam, melamine acoustic foam panels offer the same benefits as Fireseal but have become vastly popular in the cleaning industry. This is due to its impeccable resistance to chemicals. Mostly recognised under its trade name, Basotect, melamine foam is still fantastic for sound absorption for applications requiring a lightweight and flexible material. These applications are often found in domestic and industrial settings.

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PVC Nitrile class 0

Last but not least, PVC Nitrile creates acoustic soundproofing foam sheets with immense durability and robustness. This class 0 foam is no exception in its defence against sound and flames. As a type of closed cell foam rubber that’s a combination of PVC and nitrile rubber, this material offers high levels of durability.

Furthermore, this is one of our most cost-effective solutions to noise reduction. It is mainly in use in the construction, engineering and in the automotive industry due to its air-tight and water-tight properties. However, it is still widely used in the sound sector.

Acoustic Foams From Rocon Foam Products Ltd

What material is suited to your custom-made acoustic foam panels? If you’re unsure about which type of acoustic soundproofing foam sheet to choose, we can help you make that decision. By supplying all sectors, we understand specific needs, allowing us to always make the best decision for prospective clients that approach us.

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