What are PVC Foam Sheets

Summary. Explore PVC foam sheets with Rocon Foam, UK’s top foam manufacturer. Perfect for diverse applications, these cost-effective, durable sheets resist moisture, corrosion, and fire. With options like quick and slow recovery foams, we cater to all your needs. Need advice? We’re here to help!


If you are looking to buy PVC foam sheets then look no further than Rocon Foam. As leading foam manufacturers in the UK, our company has built up an unbeatable reputation for high-quality foam solutions. Especially that can be used in a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications. With decades of experience under our belts, we have a lot of knowledge to offer when it comes to our foam sheeting. With this in mind we can support all of our customers with any expert advice and support they need when looking to buy foam sheeting.

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PVC Foam

PVC foam is commonly used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Its chemical composition combines different polymers to produce Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Often used in furniture, building, and advertising sectors. It is a closed-cell foam solution that is lightweight and moisture and corrosion-resistant. Alongside this, it is also resistant to chemicals too. PVC foam is fire resistant and very long-lasting; in fact, it takes a long time to decay and retains its colour and clean finish easily, without fading.

Using PVC Foam Sheets

As PVC foam sheeting is as little as half the weight of solid PVC, it is the go-to material to use for advertising purposes. Commonly used for signage and displays, PVC foam is easy to fabricate and bond. As well as, withstand rain, wind, and sunlight without deteriorating in its performance. The foam can also be drilled, sawed, glued, painted and milled to your requirements which opens up even further uses. Other applications include covering ceilings, stand constructions, screen printing, and wallpaper panels.

Cost- Effective

PVC foam is highly cost-effective which is why it is a commonly used foam for many different industries. With varied applications and affordable pricing, it serves well if you are looking for lightweight foam that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. PVC foam sheeting is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance, in fact, in a clean environment the foam sheets will only need cleaning a few times a year. However, should damage take place to the foam sheeting after time, their pricing means you will not be breaking the bank when it comes to buying replacement foam sheeting.

Rocon Foam

As highly experienced foam manufacturers, we can supply PVC foam sheeting in three different variations:

  • Quick recovery foams – foam which immediately recovers after compression.
  • Slow recovery foams – foam which can fill irregular surfaces. In addition, will take a while to go back to its original shaping.
  • Extra Sticking foam – ideal for use between glass sheets to prevent breakages during transportation.

If you would like to find out more information about our PVC foam sheet solutions here at Rocon Foam then please call 01905 26616. You can speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team who will be happy to help.

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