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Rocon Foam has been a leading seating foam supplier for over 30 years. Adaptable to a range of industries, our foam seating cushions are both robust and comfortable. Therefore, making them ideal for several types of vehicles and other applications. But when we take a look at automotive seating foam in comparison to products used in caravans, various properties need to be met.

Whether it’s the shape or the fire safety regulations required for use, we make it our mission to cover all grounds with our seating foam. Consequently, giving each and every one of our customers reliability and quality all at once.

What is our seating foam used for?

See below for a selection of uses for our foam seating cushions.

Seating Foam for Caravans

When examining caravan seating foam, it goes without saying that each static and non-static variation offers a different layout. So, the seating arrangements also vary. With that in mind, we ask that our customers approach us with the covers so that we have guidance on the precise dimensions.

Furthermore, caravans need to meet fire safety etiquette in all soft furnishings. Here at Rocon Foam, we ensure that all of our custom foam seating cushions are made with Fireseal where required. This is the same for boat owners and manufacturers who are looking to upgrade their seating foam.

Seating Foam for Cars

In the same breath, the automotive sector relies heavily on us as seating foam suppliers too. While our bespoke foam for car seating cushions and others alike vehicles are also made to measure. In addition, they bear anti-rattle functionality. Our Anti-Rattle Foam is significant for unwanted noise reduction. Moreover, it also helps with the structural integrity of the car’s seating – especially when used often.

Combined with our anti-rattle tape, we also ensure that our foam seating cushion solutions last the same length as the car itself.

Seating Foam for Bikes

Last but not least, we supply cut to size foam for the biking industry too. As you may already know, memory foam is a premium product, that is fantastic for recovering its original shape after compression. This is ideal for bike foam as the seating cushions are in use regularly. So, the seating cushions would need consistent replacement if longevity wasn’t guaranteed.

Memory foam mostly consists of polyurethane which can be modified in the manufacturing process to be given several properties. As memory foam uses gas for an open cellular structure, you are immediately given a high-viscosity foam which is ideal for when constant motion is a factor.

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If you’re looking for seating foam suppliers that go the extra mile to meet your needs, you’ve come to the right place. Through our bespoke service, we strive to adapt and optimise our foam seating products to suit a number of purposes.

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