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Summary. Rocon Foam offers high-quality anti vibration foam products that reduce noise and vibration in vehicles. With precise cutting capabilities and superior materials, we provide the perfect fit for your automotive needs.


Anti vibration foam can be the significant difference between a smooth and peaceful journey and a distressful one. The automotive industry is one of our biggest clients here at Rocon Foam. This is because we assist dealerships and manufacturers nationwide in reducing squeaks and other nuisance noises found in vehicles.

Available in a range of sizes, we are proud to provide pre cut anti rattle foam in the UK. Our processes are matchless in execution. From the highest quality grading in both materials and our service to meeting exact specifications given by our clients. We meet the needs of our customers, no matter their requirements.


What Is Anti Rattle Foam?

Anti vibration foam is essentially a noise-cancelling and anti-friction material. It is made from a specialised foam textiles that can make a major difference in the performance of vehicles. Moreover, it is inserted into gaps and crevices within components found in a vehicle to reduce vibration and noise. Available in an array of sizes and shapes, anti rattle foam is the ideal solution for interior trim, buzz, squeak and rattle prevention.

What Does Anti Rattle Foam Do?

As previously mentioned, this ingenious technology cancels out noise by reducing vibrations and friction between two surfaces. This applies to both flexible and fixed component parts as the anti vibration foam pads can be cut to any shape or size.

Furthermore, this foam product offers insulation against thermal conditions too. Therefore, driving becomes a much more positive experience. All year-round, you can expect a smooth run. In addition, in the winter months, you are given extra insulation for comfort. This is highly advantageous if you’re a dealership as you can solve unwanted noise and drafting before potential customers visit your site.

Can anti rattle foam prevent damage? Anti vibration foam is faultless in reducing damage and general wear and tear by offering immediate protection. Similarly to our anti rattle tape, it offers resistance to abrasion in between sliding surfaces. It is able to uphold this level of capability due to its durable and long-lasting structure.

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Why Choose Our Anti Vibration Foam?

With our vast knowledge of the automotive industry, we have first-hand experience in delivering pre cut anti rattle foam to businesses located in Worcester and afar. At Rocon Foam Products Ltd, you are given matchless quality and longevity in every application. We pride ourselves in only using the finest quality foam products in which we take great care in cutting to meet exact measurements given to us by our clients.

This offers ease of installation and a guarantee of compatibility with your desired vehicles. If you’d like further information on how our anti vibration foam can benefit your vehicle stock, get in touch with us today. Call us on 01905 26616, and we can answer any questions you may have. As leading anti rattle foam manufacturers, we always use best practices and offer our clients genuine advice and guidance on our products.

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