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Summary. Looking for soundproofing foam in the UK? Rocon Foam is here to help. While you may wonder how to soundproof a room cheaply, investing in proper soundproofing foam sheets is worth it. Our class 0 Acoustic Foam absorbs sound waves effectively, providing long-term noise cancellation.


Rocon Foam is a leading acoustic foam manufacturer in the UK. Therefore, we have the skills and knowledge to assist you with implementing sound cancellation solutions. One question customers sometimes ask us is ‘how can I soundproof a room cheaply? It’s always good to have a budget in place. However, it’s also worth thinking about whether you should soundproof a room cheaply, or do it properly and professionally using soundproofing foam sheets.

There are many reasons to soundproof a room in both industrial and domestic settings. Nowadays, most modern buildings already offer acoustic control. Whether that’s through the core architecture or pre-installed soundproofing. On the other hand, this may not be the case in your century-old home. Additionally, one room which would need the highest quality of soundproofing is a record studio.

Soundproofing A Room

How can I soundproof a room cheaply? While soundproofing a room cheaply will save you money in the short term, you need to consider the long term. What are you soundproofing for? If you are simply soundproofing a room for the comfort of your home – keeping the neighbours noise to a minimum – then, there are several affordable options.

Firstly, the most affordable option would be to use thick rugs. They offer a certain level of resistance to harsh sounds. You can also opt for other soft furnishings such as blankets and curtains. Another more permanent solution is carpeting. Moreover, weatherstripping uses slim rubber tubing that’s fixed onto the insides of doors and window frames, causing a compressed and sound tight seal. However, these concepts will not entirely block out sound from all directions. Although they offer a relatively cheap approach to soundproofing, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the most effective. Furthermore, these solutions are not suitable for long term noise cancellation at a professional level.

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Soundproofing With Acoustic Foam

Sound is the consequence of the vibration of energy. When an object vibrates, so does the air around it. When using the cheaper soundproofing options such as pillows and rugs, there are still several surfaces, including the walls, to bounce off. Therefore, soundproofing the walls using proper insulation will be 100 percent effective.

Is it worth soundproofing a room? While taking down walls, to build in acoustic foam sheets can be expensive, it is certainly worth the money. In addition, soundproofing can be a desirable feature for potential purchasers of your home. Therefore, while it will cost you money, in the long run it may also increase your home’s value.

Our soundproofing foam sheets are the ideal system for soundproofing needs. Unlike other approaches, acoustic foam sheets absorb sound rather than blocking it. class 0 Acoustic Foam offers the most efficient answer to sound absorption. The industry leading material has an open-celled structure. Consequently, allowing for the natural absorption of sound waves. How does acoustic foam work? Once sound waves are created, the foam can deter them from complex services, converting them into heat.

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UK Acoustic Soundproofing Foams At Rocon

Here at Rocon, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for our acoustic foams. Are you looking for soundproofing foam in the UK? Then, get in touch with us today on 01905 26616, and we’ll be happy to assist you in your query of how you can soundproof a room cheaply or within your budget.