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Summary. Looking for foam cut to size in the UK? We offer bespoke cutting services for a range of applications, including memory foam which is cut to size. Our foam ensures optimal fitting, effectiveness, and affordability.


Rocon Foam is a leading supplier of bespoke foam cut to size in the UK. Cutting foam to size and shape offers fantastic insulation and cushioning for a range of applications. For instance, from caravan upholstery, boat cushions and foam that require a high level of sound cancellation. Attaining foam in the correct dimensions makes for easy installation and immediate effectiveness. Additionally, we deal with memory and mattress foam cut to size for maximum comfort and endurance.

In today’s article, we’re going to outline the benefits of foam cut to size and how our bespoke service can optimise your distribution. As leading upholstery foam specialists, we have the knowledge and expertise to batch manufacture foam. Therefore, ensuring that all of your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Why Have Foam Cut To Size?


Foam cut to size guarantees that all of your projects are given precise results. No matter the industry your business lies in, whether that be aerospace or furniture manufacturing, our custom service for foam applications allows us to manipulate our foam to the specific size and shape you require.

Because of this, we can always meet the needs of our customers, regardless of how specialised the project may be.


Foam cut to size allows for optimal fitting and effectiveness in its purpose. Whether you’re in need of reconditioning a boat, installing upholstery into a caravan, our foam cut to your precise measurements gives you peace of mind that no adjustments will be necessary, and installation will be simple and straightforward.

Not to mention, all of our foam cut to size is made to the finest quality. We pride ourselves in meeting unmatchable results in density, adaptability and appearance.

Affordability & Efficiency

Here at Rocon Foam, we offer competitive rates on all of our foam products. Producing foam cut to size reduces waste and time, two significant expenses for businesses. Not to mention, our fast turnover on all orders means that you will always meet timelines in confidence.

High-Quality Foam Cut To Size From Rocon

As an example of our services, our cushion foam cut to size is favoured to increase the longevity, durability, and quality of several upholstery applications. What is the best foam for upholstery? While we deal with all levels of softness, the firmer the foam, the less likely to compress, which means extra protection and longer-lasting abilities for items such as sofas and chairs.

By using bespoke foam manufactured by us here at Rocon Foam Products Ltd, you can reduce costs and reduce the need for the replacement of materials. We pride ourselves on meeting all requirements through specified densities, sizes, and shapes, no matter the type of foam desired. Furthermore, we also do our best to produce foam products of the finest quality, no matter the size of the order.

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