From the Doors to the Seats: Custom Automotive Foam

Automotive seat foam can make a significant difference to the driving experience. Foam maximises noise reduction and comfort in vehicle door frames and seats.

Known for our matchless intricacy, Rocon Foam has the knowledge and resources to provide businesses with foam made to measure. This approach simplifies installation, ensuring all components fit with extreme accuracy for immediate compatibility and performance.

Since 1986, we have served many names in the automotive sector with our anti rattle transportation foam.

What foams are used and why?

As previously stated, we most commonly use anti-rattle and other transportation foam for automotive seat foam and various other purposes within a vehicle. But, why choose these particular foams?

Anti Rattle Foam

Anti rattle foam is designed to dampen unwanted noise caused by general vibrations and friction between components. When such noises occur, they are only heightened due to the motion of a vehicle. Therefore, anti-rattle foam plays an integral role in the pleasure of a journey.

Anti rattle foam in door frames ensures that some of the most used elements of a car always stay fully intact. It also reduces any knocking, rattling or scratching noises. Our selection of anti rattle foam is second to none. We have a wide range of materials available that can be cut to the size and shape that suits your exact vehicle. Furthermore, our service includes anti rattle tape. We design this combination to endure throughout the car’s entire lifespan.

Transportation Foam

Our automotive seat foam material uses either a cross-linked closed cell expanded polyethylene or a black HLB open cell foam. Most commonly used in aerospace, these robust foams are available in a number of densities and grades. This way, they become versatile in their purpose, depending on the vehicle type.

Using our automotive upholstery foam shaping technique, we guarantee optimum comfort and durability in our transportation foam. Since vehicle seats undergo frequent use, we ensure our automotive seat foam withstands pressure and usage levels, minimising general wear and tear and misshaping.

Why Choose Rocon Foam?

We understand the importance of producing foam specifically designed for a vehicle type or model. By achieving this, we provide our customers with immediate peace of mind and an unsurpassed level of quality. Designing and manufacturing foam components to standard dimensions can dramatically impact their effectiveness.

This is due to components not seamlessly fitting together. We engineer our automotive seat foam and anti-rattle foam for door frames to exact specifications provided by our clients.

Get in touch with our helpful team if you’d like to enquire about our automotive foam and find out how it can optimise your applications. Our contact number is 01905 26616.

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