Caravan Seating Foam: What Works Best?

Summary. Looking for the best foam for caravan seats? Rocon Foam offers a range of seating foam options for caravans, ensuring comfort and quality. Our fireseal™ class 0 Foam, with fire retardant properties, provides peace of mind.


There has been an increasing demand for caravan home purchasing and renting in recent years. So, providing the highest quality settings for seasonal living and holiday accommodation is imperative. From durable carpets to caravan seating foam that allows for extreme comfort, caravan manufacturers have a responsibility to deliver the impeccable quality throughout. This includes the best foam for caravan seats available.

Distributors must upkeep this level of flawlessness throughout their products. Whether you’re looking for seating foam for a caravan or other forms of transport our seating foam experts can help. At Rocon Foam Products Ltd we understand the vitality of following strict measurements and quality guidelines to ensure maximum quality in every form.

In this article, find out why class 0 Foam suits caravan textiles best and why Rocon should be your choice of manufacturer.

What Foam Works Best For Caravan Seating?

Our extensive range of foam for caravan seating spans across a range of densities and material types. Therefore, ensuring all of your customer needs are met. Essentially, choices of foam reside in the thickness. If a customer requires softness, they are given high levels of compression. Medium softness offers moderate compression, while firm structures have a light compression.

Our specialist caravan seating foams adhere to all of these options. But, to ensure maximum benefits, we recommend our fireseal™ class 0 Foams. With all variations being fire retardant seating foam, you are given peace of mind that both comfort and safety are considered.

What Is fireseal™ class 0 Foam?

Our fireseal™ class 0 Foam range uses a combination of polyurethane and melamine for resistance to fire. Abiding by FMVSS302, UL94 HF1, class 0 and FO 36 standards, you have a guarantee of competence in fire retardancy. This advanced class caravan foam seating lends itself to being industry-recommended, and for a good reason.

Using variable self-adhesive backings, insertion is straightforward. Furthermore, our team has the expertise and resources to ensure all dimensions are replicated, allowing for ease in the installation process. And with a variety of sizes and densities already available to you, you can offer immediate customer satisfaction.

As a widely adopted foam solution, this foam is naturally advantageous and bares versatility. What does class 0 Foam look like? There is the option of supplying class 0 Foam with a facing material of your choice, including Foil Faced Acoustic class 0 Foam & Black Polyester.

Why Choose Rocon Foam?

Additionally to the matchless quality obtained by our caravan seating foam, our service alongside is nothing but exceptional. Firstly, we allow our customers to take advantage of our in-house cutting service to execute final sizes and shapes. Including die-cutting and CNC cutting, we can achieve all requirements. Not to mention, this can be concluded in our fully inclusive packing service for OEM supplying.

Additionally, our happy and helpful team are always available to answer any queries you have on our service or products. By choosing us as your custom foam manufacturer, we offer optimum performance in seating foam applications and a standard of service you won’t find elsewhere.

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