Fire Rated Acoustic Foam- fire retardant sheets

Summary. Our fire retardant acoustic foam fireseal™ class 0 Foam is the perfect solution. With its open-celled structure, it effectively absorbs sound waves while providing fire retardant properties. Suitable for multiple industries.


Our acoustic foam applications are widely successful in the building and automotive sectors. Through a unique system, fire retardant acoustic foam sheets use an open-celled structure to not only deter sound waves, but absorb them completely. Therefore, resulting in an extreme and natural reduction in noise. Being so effective, this process is highly favourable in other industries too, including upholstery and music. Consequently, when it comes to requiring fire rated acoustic foam, our fireseal™ class 0 Foam is the appropriate option.

Often foam-based applications are misinterpreted as being flammable materials, which would make them unsuitable for many applications. However, in today’s article, we’re sharing why our fireseal™ class 0 foam is perfect for your acoustic foam needs.

What is fireseal™ class 0 Foam?

Here at Rocon Foam Products, we pride ourselves in conceiving the finest fire retardant acoustic foam sheets on the market. Their properties allow for safe and proficient sound absorption, covering all levels of noise. Can you use fireseal™ class 0 Foam at home? When it comes to sound insulation at home, our class 0 foam is one of our optimum solutions for noise reduction.

Rugs, thick curtains and (a more permanent solution) carpeting defer sound from the surface. But, they still allow waves to bounce off other objects. Whereas, class 0 Foam, much like other acoustic foams, absorbs sound waves, ensuring that noise is minimised drastically. That’s why this incomparable foam product is the advisable method for a long-term solution.

What is fireseal™ class 0 Foam Used For?

Due to its versatile nature, fireseal™ class 0 Foam is in use to safely reduce noise in a number of industries. What applications benefit from fireseal™ class 0 Foam the most? This level of fire rated acoustic foam is effective enough for building and construction, vehicles, a range of machinery, recording studios, furniture, ducting, tiling, wall panels and suspended sound absorbers.

These types of sectors require prime solutions to protect against flammable products and reduce immense noise. And through our in-house cutting service, we are able to achieve such results, no matter the requirements. We supply a variety of sizes and shapes through patented processing techniques, including die-cutting and CNC cutting which both accurately cut fire rated acoustic foam to suit the needs of all applications.

class 0 Foam From Rocon

Our non-flammable acoustic foam is your answer to safe and powerful noise cancellation and heat insulation. Fire retardant foam for your home solves comfort, safety and efficiency. How long does acoustic foam take to install? When installing your class 0 Foam, we offer a simplified installation process. Using self-adhesive backing film, we can complete your project rapidly, keeping time and costs to a minimum.

We are leading suppliers of soundproofing foam in the UK. Therefore, we will always ensure to meet your needs and achieve impeccable results. If you’d like further advice on our fire rated acoustic foam foam, get in touch with us today on 01905 26616 and we’ll be happy to assist you. If you found this blog useful, you may be want to read: The Benefits of Fire Retardant Foam for Upholstery